About Me

Hi, I'm Chris

I’ve been working in new product development for 13 years in a variety of roles and studied Product Design and Engineering at University. It was there that I learnt how to use image editing software, work with CAD, render products both in 3D and by hand.

My more recent roles have taken me further towards Engineering and away from the creative side that I also enjoy. This leaves an itch that needs scratching!

During the pandemic however, I decided that working from home was actually pretty sweet and that I also wanted to get back in touch with my creative roots. I was going to start a creative side-hustle and maybe even turn it into a full-time income one day.

It was at that point that I also decided to start this website to record what I learn and to help others along the way.

Not only am I interested in digital creativity as a hobby but I also want to learn how to earn an income from it as a small business. You are also likely to be thinking a similar thing if you are reading this. This website is part of that and I’ll be writing about ways that I find to make money online from using digital creative skills. Who knows, one day maybe this might turn into a full-time profession instead of just a side hustle.

So, I hope that this website helps you with your project or career change and you enjoy learning as I do.